Kickstarter post #2

Here is a sneak peek of what we have cooking for our show, We've Come to Play, in the Capital Fringe Festival next month. Thank you to those that have pledged and for helping us get closer to our goal amount! Remember, we won't see any of it unless we reach that goal and any amount does help, there's a reason for this specific number; costumes, lighting, videographer, photographer, dancers, programs, posters, stage manager, marketing....It's like a wedding or baby registry but for DANCE:^) #dcdance #capfringe14 #arasdance #wevecometoplay #kickstarter

ArasDance Sneak Peek


Well, we now have a Kickstarter! Please check it out and any support you can give will be much appreciated. Plus, there's a surprise appearance in the video!

Click below!

ArasDance Kickstarter

Snowy Day time to Play


Well, it has certainly been awhile since my last post. After a nice, yet cold, playtime in the snow with our dogs and a break from the studio, what better way to warm up than to post a new blog and video while I anxiously wait for my cousins delicious homemade caldo de res!!

The past couple of months have been quite exciting as ArasDance continues to grow. I am incredibly grateful to all the dancers I have had the pleasure to work with, past and present. They truly bring my stories to life and I'm already looking forward to the next one. Take a look at what we have in store (it's nothing professional, meaning I did the edits here folks but it's got heart!) and what's to come on the video page.

Thank you to JSDA for the rehearsal space, Joy of Motion's Dance Project and David Dowling for some excellent footage from one of our shows.




Interview with DC Metro Theater Arts

Hello hello! Dancing Rogues choreographers Hayley Cutler, Sylvana Christopher and myself were recently interviewed by DC Metro Theater Arts Rick Westerkamp. I thoroughly enjoyed answering all of his questions and I now hope you enjoy getting to know a little about us and our upcoming show in December!

An Interview with Dancing Rogues


I'm taking advantage of this free time while my daughter is napping to write my first blog here it goes!

Well it's been a long time coming but I finally have a site! More importantly I am continuing to move forward with my dream of having a dance company. There is still more work to be done on this site, however, in the meantime have fun taking a look at what I have so far and I hope to see you at our upcoming show next month, An Evening with Dancing Rogues.  Now off to work on choreography in the basement before our little firecracker wakes up....have a wonderful day!!